Dragon Squad

Teams design & construct a Chinese dragon and perform a dragon dance.

2 - 4 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - Unlimited


In China dragons are a symbol of good luck, possessing great power, wisdom, fertility and dignity. Dragon dance or pinyin: wǔ long is performed by a team who through cooperation and harmony, manipulate a long flexible colourful dragon mimicking the undulating movements of this mythical river spirit.

In Dragon Squad teams design and construct a Chinese Dragon. Then, equipped with musical instruments, each team choreographs a musical score and rehearses their own Dragon Dance routine. Then, with their uniquely designed dragon, they cooperate in harmony to put on a dignified and coordinated dragon dance. Points are awarded to teams for creativity, performance, and teamwork.

Learning Outcomes

In Dragon Squad teams must use creativity, ingenuity and project management skills to design and construct a dragon. Teams assess the task in hand then form specialist units to work in parallel before bringing all the elements together.

The success of the construction phase requires cross functional cooperation and active communication to ensure all the parts come together as planned. Choreographing music and dance relies on creative thinking and collaboration. Pulling it all together in rehearsals and final performance requires exceptional leadership skills and teamwork.

Related Testimonial

The finale created a joyous atmosphere and feelings of accomplishment for all involved.


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