Bot Creation

Ideate, innovate and create a robot for purpose.

2 - 3 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
6 - Unlimited


Bot Creation is a innovative team building activity where teams design and create a robot, purpose built to complete a designated task from a myriad of available components. Teams receive a set of tasks both competitive and collaborative their robot needs to complete. Teams design their robot matching the components available with the required skills. They decide on the appropriate engines, MDF chassis, chassis covers, electric and electronic parts for their robot. Once created, the team trials the robot to assess if it can successfully complete the required task. Teams come together to observe the creations of other teams and witness their success in enabling their robots to be a success.

Learning Outcomes

Bot Creation develops discussion, planning and decision-making skills as each team works commence ideating their robot. Creative thinking and resource management come into play as teams differentiate their robot for the designated task. Through the creation and then trialling, teams learn to use design thinking logic to enhance the basic attributes of the robot. The final robot is a testimony to successful innovation, creativity and most of all effective team dynamics.

Related Testimonial

Bot Creation is about the present moment - robotics group dynamics, communication and we had to identify people's talents for each stage. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fernando Santos

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